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Sharing this family session that didn’t make it to the blog in 2014. One of many. Happy to finally have some time to share in this space again. When I started this blog I had a toddler & a newborn at home with me. This year I sent my youngest child off to school, leaving me with this strange thing called ‘day time’ work hours. I haven’t had day time work hours since before I took leave for the birth of my daughter who is now eight. But the time flies by, as I was told it would. That season of my life is now precious memories, feelings, stories & photographs. More about that in another post.

Aren’t these kids gorgeous! We had the prettiest light for them to play in during this session & what could be more fun than a little gold fairy dust. Well… fun for the kids… probably not so much for the parents (cause we all know that stuff doesn’t wash off for days!)

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Day 31 | January photo a day project


The end of another project, documenting you at ages 5 & 8 in the January of 2015.

Sometimes you are happy for me to photograph you & sometimes you let me know that you aren’t. Sometimes you don’t want to stop and wait long enough for me to take a portrait. I get that.
So what do I do when I need one more photo to end our project and the daylight is running out on the 31st and the sight of my camera makes you run for the hills?
We take a photo with the ipad, because then it’s just a happy snap and you don’t have to wait for me to get my camera settings right.
So here you are ‘not being in a photo’ but just holding up the ipad photo I took of you laughing together….  and really, this is what a project like this is about.
Turning who you are now, into pages of a story.
A story that reminds me to love you as you are every day.

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I honestly dont think I could ever EVER tire of looking at your gorgeous images hun. EVER xx

Day 30 | January photo a day project


…Because I know that it’s likely that after your next hair cut…. or maybe the one after that,
you might not have these curls anymore.
The baby curls & the baby doll dress… this is how I will remember you at this age.

Eventually there will be a hair cut and you will outgrow the dress,
but today I just appreciate the sweet details of this stage of your childhood.

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Days 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 | January photo a day project

Day 25:
Pete’s 38th Birthday.


Day 26: Australia day. A rare moment to run outside on what was really a day of rain.
Anouk in particular often climbs the hills hoist clothes line.  An Australian icon & a childhood memory for many Aussie’s.
They both climbed it & curiously looked over the fences into the neighbours yards.
My Grandmother likes to tell a story about the time when my dad & his brothers were young boys. She looked out the window & saw that the boys had put their baby sister in a cardboard box & attached it to the hills hoist clothes line with pegs & were swinging it round & round to give the baby a ride.
When she saw what her sons were doing she raced out into the yard to save the baby, shouting & waving ‘the jam spoon’ at them.
Sometimes the kids worry me when I look out my window and see them at the top of the clothes line, but then again at least they are not babies…. swinging in a box held up by pegs.

26 (sharp)

Day 27:
Right now you like….
The dolphin tale movie
Dreaming of swimming with dolphins
Designing things & making them
Eating cucumber
Writing songs
Talking about getting a pet bunny
Watching anything about biblical archaeology & historical evidence
Roald Dahl stories
Watching MI High
Pretending to be a secret spy agent
Doing magic tricks
Asking me to tell you stories from when I was little
You are clever & determined & fun & brave & sensitive & kind & shy
I did take a portrait of you & I have that to keep, but this moment where you laughed & turned your face away from the camera.
This really feels like you.


Day 28:

Back to school.
First day of Grade 3.
First day of Primary school.
A new playground.
A new teacher.
You were put into a class with only one friend you’ve had before, but you were OK with that.
You seem to be learning to adapt well in the face of change & that will serve you well.


Day 29:
Today you went to the school for your ‘best start interview’ with a teacher before starting school next week.
You haven’t started school yet and you can read. You read stories to yourself.
We don’t even really know how you learned to read by the time you were 4.
Just by being read to I suppose.
I’m told that the teacher who interviewed you today was impressed.

You like…
Being a helper
Carrying the shopping list
Carrying little toys under your arm
Playing card games with someone
Strumming your guitar
Anything that involves tapping a beat
Doing concerts in the lounge room
Bedtime stories & snuggling
Picking flowers for people
You are cuddly & kind & clever & confident & cheeky & funny & playful

These are our last few days together before you go off to school. I have loved every one of our “mummy Anouk days” as you have called them.
Every single one.



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I really enjoy all the things you share about your self and your family. I think it would make for a great coffee table book. Your pictures on instagram always make me think about my kids growing up, especially my daughter elizabeth, I post pics of her sometimes. She is turning 15 soon, Its not the same when they are little, They think about the tooth fairy, santa the easter bunny, stuff like that. Now its boys, friends, sleepovers. I miss those times so much. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us out here in this great big world. You make me laugh and smile ofthen. )))

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