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Day 7 | January photo a day project

This is my 8th year doing this project and I think it’s my first appearance in it. I’m not usually in it but on this day I took Ava and Anouk to the Opera House concert hall to see ‘Operation Ouch Live’. It was one of our main Christmas gifts to them. One of the ones that made their jaws drop. They love that TV show and seeing Dr Xand & Dr Chris live was such a treat! Part of the treat was that I got to go with them, so it was a ‘mummy and big girls’ date. Whilst I’m making sure I soak up every part of my youngest being a one year old, I’m mindful that I can’t let age 11 & 8 pass by. I need to be part of the things that excite them now. We had the best seats in the house… front row, centre of the top section where you get a great view of the whole stage. My girls sat next to me, squeezed my hands and flashed excited grins at me as the show began. We laughed and cheered and they loved to look at my face and giggle during the squeamish parts of the show. “You shouldn’t watch this part mum!!”. After the show there was a cute little person happily waiting to see us at the bottom the steps. It’s funny how we plan days like this ‘for them’ and then they end up being wonderful for us too. Sharing their joy will always be my joy.

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