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Day 31 | January photo a day project

The last photo of my January project for 2017. The first project to include our third daughter. Their first summer as three. I had a particular creative idea in mind for this final picture, but then instead I simply captured them standing at the back door in their pyjamas just before they changed into school uniforms. Next January they will be 8, 11 and 16 months, so it was with that perspective that I photographed them each day. It doesn’t take long for the picture to change. This was a January where our baby went from 4 months to 5 months, she started grabbing her feet, she tasted solids, she dipped her feet in the ocean and started saying ‘bub bub bub’.

There was beach days and pool swims and playing mermaids and boogie boarding and book reading and friends and movies and origami and rock climbing and water balloons and ice-skating and their first game of tennis and baby cuddles and chew toys and tummy time and baths at golden hour. There was a 40th birthday and a celebration and the start of a new school year. I couldn’t even fit all that there was into this project, but I am grateful once again for the way this project encourages me to really look at them. To consider the way the pictures will change and to love so dearly the picture they make today.

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Michelle - I always miss this project when it stops.

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