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Day 18 | January photo a day project

They had a special day out with their grandparents today and the heat was getting a bit much for baby Estelle after lasts nights heat wave, so Pete & I spent the day at the shopping centre for some air con relief. When night fell, I didn’t have a photo of the day, but when I looked into their room at bedtime tonight and saw them reading on their beds before sleep time I knew I needed to make it part of my project. It’s the same view every night. They read with their two cuddly toys under their arms. Boo & Sheepy for Ava. Buddy Bear & Darcy for Anouk. Last week Ava asked me to take the drawings off her wall because she wants to replace them with posters. It’s the first step towards what will be a gradual change of their room from a little girls room to their eventual teenage room. One day I will look through their bedroom door & there won’t be toys under their arms. One day this bedroom and all the years they shared it will seem like a distant dream. It will be hard to remember the details, but photography is magic because it allows us windows into our past. The beds they moved into when they out grew their cots at age 2, the little yellow chair I found at an antique store, the artworks I’ve collected as gifts for them, the books that captivated them. It’s all here in this picture.

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